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Two Beautiful Designs for Paver Walkway

Brick Pavers add a strong aesthetic to any part of the home exterior. Complimented well with mulch, and other landscaping around the area can be provide a complete look to a home. There are many way to design brick pavers, these are two project options.

Holland Stone Paver Walkway

This design is with a Holland stone paver from Unilock in a Sierra color. Holland Stone has a simple appeal and comes in one shape. It can also be used in a handful of projects, is durable and cost effective. This project had a curved turn that adds a really good look to the projects. Especially right next to the mulch and planting bed.

Holland stone was also used to cover the step into the doorway as well.

Brick Paver walkway example using Holland stone.
Holland Stone curves Brick Paver Design

Umbriano with Holland Stone border

This project used two stones in the design. The Umbirana stone has a modern and clean style. The Holland Stone Dark Charcoal accents the French Grey interior. The two brick also have different textures that compliment each other. The umbriano stone come with three different stones for a varying pattern.

Brick Paver Design to show a straight line design
Brick Paver Design