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Sidewalk & Walkway Installation Services by B&C Pavers and Landscaping Inc.
Custom Sidewalks
Sidewalk Installation
Walkways, Stairs, or Paths
Wide Variety of Materials

Connect your outdoor living space with smooth brick laid walkways, sidewalks, and stairs that match the design of your patio. With our Custom Brick Walkway Installation Services, you can create and develop your own custom designed walkways, sidewalks, paths, or stairs using a wide variety of high-quality materials that are delivered to your jobsite. Mix and match material for a unique and custom look and get a consultation to review your designs.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our professionals to thoroughly review your design, provide any professional advice, identify any issues or problems, and provide a full inspection and measurement of your landscape. We can then provide a quote on the spot with labor, materials, and construction included. For more custom designed walkways or sidewalks, please allow a secondary consultation for a more accurate quote on your project. B&C Pavers and Landscaping Inc. has over 25 years in brick paving and brick laying experience, we’ve provided high-quality brickwork services to the entire Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs for years. We’re proud to have become a leader in brickwork services for Chicago, and we continue our quality to out-do our competitors.

Custom Brick Paved Walkway
Design & Development
Cost-Effective Solutions
Highly Competitive Pricing
Wide Variety Of Materials
Delivered To Your Jobsite
Exceptional Customer Service,
with Flexible Payment Options
We Provide Quotes On-Site
Over 25 years of Experience
in Brick Paving & Brick Laying


We travel to your location and provide free estimates on-site.