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Grading & Sod Services by B&C Pavers and Landscaping Inc.
Lawn Clearing
Rough Grading
Sodding Installation
Lawn Smoothing
Top Soil Installation
Lawn Seeding

B&C Pavers and Landscaping Inc. offers full-service Grading and Sod for residential and commercial properties all over the Chicagoland area. Whether you need sod for a construction site, small portion of your lawn, or completely starting your lawn over, B&C Pavers and Landscaping can provide high-quality services for any-sized project. Create amazing, healthy, natural lawns without any of the hassles of doing it yourself.

After scheduling your quote, our professionals will meet with you for a one on one consultation. We will discuss your project ideas, give you our best recommendations, get measurements of your property, and provide a complete analysis of your project. We will then start preparing your location for sodding by clearing the lawn and removing debris, provide rough grading work directing drain water away from your building, provide you with healthy conditioned top soil, and finally roll out your lawn for a smooth, settling, grade.

We will then get your fresh sod, or seeding depending on your requested service, delivered snd installed on the spot. We provide quality installation services for a nice straight finish with unexposed edges, as well as evenly proportioned seeding. We’ll make any adjustments needed, roll your lawn out for a final smoothing, and then give you detailed instructions for watering and caring for your sod so it will stay healthy from years to come.

Professional Planning
& Project Installation
100% Accurate Estimates
& Cost-Effective Solutions
Fresh Sod or Seeding
Delivered & Installed On-Site
Get A One On One
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Commercial & Residential
Grading & Sodding Services
High Quality Craftsmanship
Professional Installation
Over 25 Years Of Experience
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We travel to your location and provide free estimates on-site.